CashVille Live International

As addition to CashVille Live, William Henry, CEO of Will Get It Productions. Added a new part of the show in 2016 : Cashville Live International. With the aim to showcase the creative minds & musical talents around the world.


The machine behind the scene. Dutch gabber with no limits, drawer, (interaction) designer, arstist, music & media producer. Allround media designer and producer from the Netherlands. One of the founders of the Jutterstad Collective and Co-producer of the show.

Will Get It

Host of the show, ex baseball player and model from Lewisburg, Tennessee. William Henry, CEO of Will Get It Productions added a new part of the show, Cashville Live international. As the host of the 1st season of Cashville Live Will is back showcasing talents around the world.

CashVille Live - Music variëty show

is a multi gerne show for independent and industry artist to showcase there works or talent.

The show was started in 2006 by Marcus Petway a local music producer and manager of a rap group. As a means to unite artist, producers and fans in Nashville, a country music dominated gerne to all of the top exposure. Since the other genres weren’t getting hardly any exposure, the show was created.

The show is co-produced by Michael Northern of FACETIMEMEDIA as well who co-edits and booking.

CASHVILLE LIVE aired July 14 2007 and is currently in it’s 10th season. We have featured over 230 independent artist from Fla, Ga, ARK, AKA, Mem and with some going on to get major deals in song writing and record contracts.


CASHVILLE LIVE is currently on the

NECAT network
Comcast ch19
at&t U-Verse ch99